Adult Entertain in Shekou, Shenzhen China

Posted: 20th October 2011 by mtd in Massage, Sex
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There are a lot of adult entertain place in Shenzhen, specially in Shekou. From Hong Kong international airport to Shekou just about 30 minutes by Ferry and it cost HKD 220 (USD 35).

Here are some kind of places in Shekou:

  1. Massage –> room charge with bathroom inside RMB 138 – 168, not include a tip for girl. Tips for girl with happy ending hand job cost RMB 200 and if you want her to take off her close, a half naked, you should pay RMB 300. The tips is negotiable, if you can speak Chinese you may get lower price or better services with the same price.
    Tip & trick: when you done with the girl, get her phone number & QQ number (similar to Yahoo! Messenger), some of them would like to visit your hotel during her free time.
  2. Bar –> you can get girl from a bar. There are a lot of Bar in Shekou, most of the bar close to Nan Hai Hotel or Haito Hotel, on the same street with International School. Drink price about RMB 25, not sure for girl’s drink.
  3. Take a girl on street –> go to Sea World around 10 pm to midnight. You may see girls standing close to street or walk around. Their price to take to hotel RMB 300 for short time (1 hours I think) and RMB 500 to stay with you until the morning.
  4. KTV –> some KTV and mostly in Shekou provide a accompany girl. KTV room charge about … not sure, but not expensive. Girls tips about RMB 300 and RMB 500-600 a model type girl. Not much KTV who has model type girl. They are really beautiful Chinese girl.

How to get and where the recommendation Massage place in Shekou? (will be continued)

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